And here it is the fresh made a2n Un-convention Factory : Berlin Compilation!

Thursday 3 November, Day 1:

A full day of recording of 9 tracks by different artists, creating artwork, preparing the compilation website, and documenting the process, from 12:00 to 22:00 ..

During the night of  3 – 4 November:

The producers spend until 7:00 in the morning mastering the tracks …

Friday 4 November, Day 2:

The finetunes team creates the digital download and CDs. On Friday afternoon the digital tracks are downloadable at The CDs arrive in Berlin at Kater Holzig from finetunes/Hamburg for a spontaneous mini album release party on Friday evening. Also, the album appears for download on iTunes:

Saturday 5 November, Day 3:

The album is streaming at Simfy:

The first 200 people get a free download of the compilation in the finetunes store:
Get a limited free A2N Un-Convention Factory Compilation right now!

Enter the boostercode:  ”a2nfactory011″. To access the free download, first click on “Buy”, then go to “My Cart”, enter the boostercode and click “Boostercode Check”, which sets your bill to 0,00 EUR, and download the album.

And enjoy the music!!!

Thank you to all who have made this possible and who have contributed to an inspiring day and a great work of art!

Participating Artists:
Petula | Golden Discó Ship | Ludwig, Mille | Tapete | Ena Wild | Videohead | Alice and the Turneykids | Side FX

Soundproduction | Norman Nitzsche (Villa Qrella) + Ramin Bijan
Cover+Web-Design | Thomas Gnahm (Wir haben viel vor) | Stephanie Piehl (please teenage) | Lamia Michna (lamia design / tape art) | Paul Dessenoix – Levilain (group member) | credits for the niceness of sharing his font ENfer with us on cover + poster go to © 2002-2011 Jack Usine / SMeltery
Digital Service Provider + CD on Demand Janine Lubas (finetunes) | Swantje Fiedler (finetunes)
Web | Streams & Services | Malte Reißig (Asocially Associated Audiolibnewthinking) | Christoph Guttandin (a2n webmaster) | Steve Lawson (Musiker)
Legal Issues + Licenses | Alexander Duve (Rechtsanwalt)
Screenprinting | Czentrifuga
Text | Foto | Video Barry Cliffe (Blog/blitzgigs), Dieter Engler (Fotografie), Martin Herbst (Fotografie), Ben Dressel, David Voigt,
Labels | Constanze Brockmann, Claudius Glöckner
Concept + Moderation | Ruth Daniel (Unconvention) + Melissa Perales (Supertape) + Konrad Lauten (Inkubato) + Andrea Goetzke (all2gethernow e.V.)

On the album blog, you find more info on the day, as well as on all participants:


ALBUM RELEASE  @#a2n_camp
//listen to the sound of