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PANEL “Music Streaming – Future Strategies” 

panelIn this industry expert discussion, three leading streaming services will open up their desk drawers and give a glimpse into their strategies for the coming months and years. Streaming is increasingly becoming people’s first choice for listening to music, in many places of the world. Therefore, the way streaming services are designed is important to musicians, labels and publishers, to all music content providers, but also to app developers and companies providing add on services. Aspects to look into range from the streamers’ business models, to their technological design; their way of communicating with listeners and clients, to the interfaces they provide to app developers.

In the friday panel “Music Streaming – Future Strategies” the following questions will be discussed: What are the strategies of some of the main streaming companies on the market? How will the market differentiate? What can content providers prepare for?

Was: PANEL “Music Streaming – Future Strategies” 

Wer: ANDY CHEN (Wimp), LAURENT BILLION (Deezer), STEFAN BAUMSCHLAGER (Rdio), ANDREW DUBBER (Birmingham City University) (Moderation)

Wann: 6. September / 14:00-15:00Uhr

Wo: Fritz 2

Sprache: English


WORD!, 5/6 September 2013, Postbahnhof, Straße der Pariser Kommune 8, Berlin-Friedrichshain

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