“Music video – Rebirth of an art form” presented by STEPHANE LEONARD

// During the two hour lecture you will get first-hand information about making music videos, the process, the costs, the benefits for musicians, promoters, labels, filmmakers and creative people. Accompanied by a selection of examples, a brief history of music video making and some personal notes, the music video director, filmmaker and artist STEPHANE LEONARD will give you an insight view into everything you ever wanted to know about music videos.

Music videos were always made and have always been there, coexisting in the shadows of feature films, short films and video art, but as of lately they have reached a new status, not only for musicians and bands but also for filmmakers, videoartists, photographers and film enthusiasts. After the death of music television and the huge price drop of video productions costs, and right after internet access became so fast that most people in the western world were able to smoothly stream videos via youtube, vimeo and other video websites the music video rised from the ashes of MTV to become stronger, better and more important than ever.

Nowadays a music video can be a starting point for a music career overseas, can lay down the foundation for future filmmakers, influences art, photography, filmmaking, fashion design and advertising. How and when did this exactly happen? What can a music video do for me as a musician, a filmmaker, a fashion designer? What would be the measurable impact of a video for me as a musician and when and how should I make one? How can the music video help with the promotion of a record, a single release, a tour or just to create a larger fan base? How do I make a music video myself? What do I need – people, skills, equipment, money…? How do I find and approach a music video director? Is it possible to create a great video with low to no budget? What is the exact process from the first idea to the finished video? How can I make a music video viral and gain world wide fame?

All of these questions and many more will be answered accompanied by better and lesser known examples, as well as a brief history of the music video and first-hand insight information about the the overall process, funny and sad truths and music video gossip. proposal for a lecture / workshop about music video creation.


STEPHANE LEONARD is a multi disciplinary artist, mainly working in the fields of video, sound, drawing, painting and installation. Different genres overlapp and cross reference each other in STEPHANE’S work. Drawings become ideas for videos, videos influence drawings, installations call for sound works. As of lately his intensive involvement with music videos has gained him a lot of recognition as a director for artistic and surreal videos.For more information please visit www.stephaneleonard.net.




When: FRIDAY, 7 SEPTEMBER 2012, 11:00-13:00UHR



Language: ENGLISH


#a2n_werkstatt @noisy Musicworld, 6/7 September 2012, Warschauer Straße 70a, Berlin-Friedrichshain

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