What is popular music and who does it histories belong to? How do we recognize and celebrate local music? What should be preserved, and how, for future generations and who should do this?

This discussion will feature a group of people drawn from a wide range of interests, comprising activist music archivists, academics, technologists and fans, all of whom are creating archives that celebrate the rich musical heritage of their cities, drawing on collective community memories and in the process discovering new music history and the role music plays in the social, cultural and political life of a city and its communities.
We will showcase different popular music archives from across the world via online and film media and invite the audience to discuss ways of creating more open, democratic platforms that will allow more people to preserve, archive, share and access their music heritage.  Who knows, we might even create a Berlin music archive!

This is music as culture, not commerce.
Foto CC-BY Carbon Arc

Samstag, 05.11. ||19:00 - 20:00 || Kater Holzig Galerie ||
Popular Music Archives, Music Heritage
//Talk [english]//
**Jez Collins | Birmingham Popular Music Archive
**Paul Long | Reader in Media and Cultural History, Birmingham City University