#a2n_werkstatt 2012 presents:

REMIX LAB: “Ableton Live: DJ’ing for the Masses”

Dj’ing and Beat-matching were once a couple, happily married in clubland. One day some nerds with a secret wish to become famous DJ’s themselves, created a plan to separate Dj’ing and Beat-matching forever. Nothing was ever the same after that. Some said the future had arrived, some checked their emails during gigs and others clung to their precious vinyl records for dear life! In the heat of the controversy I and others saw a solution: the ability to remix, mix and edit everything and anything. Combining Live sets and Dj’ing was a way out of the war against new media! In 90 minutes I would like to give some insight into creating a Live Set and a Dj-Set with Ableton live.


JESSE ABAYOMI is an Ableton Certified Trainer, music production tutor, electronic music producer, DJ, and audio consultant all together in one lively Londoner. A man of many talents, all his musical endeavours, revolve around Ableton Live for over a decade. Since 2005 Berlin has become his home from home and he is actively involved in the electronic music scene, whether as a DJ or a live performance artist in clubs and for events. His music releases, remixes and collaborations span bass heavy genres of club music from Hip-Hop to House via Dub and Detroit Techno. 




When: THURSDAY, 6 SEPTEMBER 2012, 14:30-16:00UHR

Where: DJ-RAUM


Language: ENGLISH


#a2n_werkstatt @noisy Musicworld, 6/7 September 2012, Warschauer Straße 70a, Berlin-Friedrichshain

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