all2gethernow e.V. is an association based in Berlin, that organizes projects in the field of music and culture. all2gethernow e.V. believes in participatory approaches, in an ethos of “Doing-It-Together” and collective practice – across genres, fields of expertise, perspectives and backgrounds.

all2gethernow e.V. was founded in 2009 as a response to the cancellation of the German music industry event Popkomm “due to the Internet”. The association gathered people with different backgrounds and agendas, from artists to digital entrepreneurs, who were interested in a participatory conversation about the present and future of music. all2gethernow e.V. took the Popkomm date to organize a camp and conference, and explored possibilities, challenges and visions of music in an environment that is shaped by digital technologies, and invited everyone interested to propose topics for discussions.

all2gethernow e.V. since then has organized numerous conferences, camps, discussions and collaborative gatherings, going along with a changing environment for music culture and business (see archive). In 2014, the association was able to obtain funding to set up the longer term project Music Pool Berlin, supporting Berlin’s artist communities with consultations, networking and expertise on professional development. The association has expanded its activities to develop and take on a broader range of cultural projects (see current projects).


all2gethernow e.V.
House of Music (Halle 20)
Revaler Str. 99, Tor 2
10245 Berlin

Email the team: team@all2gethernow.de

Steering committee: Andrea Goetzke, Kirsten Grebasch, Melissa Perales
Communication and projects: Eric Eitel

Thank you to all the people who, particularly in the first years, have contributed and mostly volunteered lots of energy, creativity and time to build the all2gethernow activities. In particular: Wolfgang Senges, Christine Kolbe, Michael Graudenz, Julia Gemählich, Sven Michel, Martin Brem.

Thank you for the founding energy, initiative and ideas to Andreas Gebhard and Tim Renner.