a2n 2010

Programmheft all2gethernow 2010. (CC-BY Andrea Goetzke)

In 2010, all2gethernow organized its largest camp and conference ever, over 6 days (6-11 September), with 250 speakers. The first two days the a2n camp took place in the various different spaces in Kulturbrauerei, with many workshops and discussions. The programme was again organized in a participatory way, and included lots of suggestions coming from the wider network and beyond. Then, on the following days, Popkomm came back, and a2n organized a conference format also alongside the traditional music industry event, at the former Tempelhof airport.

One of many many different small discussions, this one with the German label and booking agency Audiolith. (CC-BY-NC-SA Simon Bierwald)

Speakers at a2n 2010 included – Martin Atkins (musician), Nancy Baym (academic), Ruth Daniel (Unconvention), Andrew Dubber (educator), Alec Empire (musician), Zoe Keating (musician), Steve Lawson (musician), Mike Masnick (Techdirt), Micki Krimmel (social entrepreneur), Benjamin Lebrave (Akwaaba Music), Will Page (PRS), Jason Sigal (Free Music Archive), Jill Sobule (musician), Peter Sunde (then flattr), Eliot van Buskirk (then Wired) and so many more. With hindsight – we have seen lots of connections that were made at a2n 2010 continuing over time.

Artist talk between Zoe Keating and Steve Lawson. (CC-BY-NC-SA Andrew Dubber)
A full day workshop with Martin Atkins. (CC-BY Andrea Goetzke)