a2n 2009

Townhall meeting in preparation of the first all2gethernow event in 2009
(Foto Credit: CC-BY all2gethernow)

The planning process for the first ever all2gethernow camp & conference in 2009 was organized in a participatory process. Guidelines and needs were discussed in several open townhall meetings, and much of the programme was organized through a wide call for participation. The objective was to create multi-faceted conversations on the present and future of music at a time when production, distribution, business, communication etc. changed with digital possibilities. The process was organized as an open invitation for everyone from artists, music fans, music and digital business people, journalists etc.

Workshop in one of the many empty rooms turned into conversation spaces at Alte Münze, Berlin 2009. (Foto credit: CC-BY-NC-SA Simon Bierwald)

The all2gethernow camp took place at Alte Münze Berlin (then an empty and widely still unused space) on 16 & 17 September 2009. It was followed by a one day conference, summarizing and discussing the conversations, at Radialsystem.

Discussions at all2gethernow camp. All conversations were organized with a participatory setup, like the above roundtable format. (Foto credit: CC-BY-NC-SA Simon Bierwald)

The speakers included the artist Amanda Palmer, educator and new music strategist Andrew Dubber, or Soundcloud founder Alex Ljung. Many Berlin based people working in music or digital services, as lawyers, journalists, artists etc. organized their own session or participated in discussions.

Concert by Amanda Palmer at night. (Foto credit: CC-BY Matthias Bauer)

At night, Amanda Palmer gave a concert, and was joined on stage by Kim Boekbinder and Neil Gaiman.

Concert by Amanda Palmer at night. (Foto credit: CC-BY Matthias Bauer)