a2n 2011

Audience at a2n Werkstatt, HBC, September 2011. (C Steffi Wiegand)

In 2011, all2gethernow slowly started shifting its focus towards supporting artists in their professional development. With the association, we felt that that plenty of conferences and other gatherings existed at the time that were targeted at people working in the music business – but there was hardly anything for artists, to address their professional questions. At the same time, the overall narrative in music was that it was the moment for the artists to take the business in their own hands, to become entrepreneurs, to DIY etc. So all2gethernow decided to address this gap and organized the first a2n Werkstatt in September 2011, at (the no longer existing venue) .HBC Berlin, focused entirely on the artists’ perspective on music business and culture. For topics and speakers, check the timetable.

Teaser Bild zur a2n Werkstatt. (CC-BY Andrea Goetzke)

In collaboration with Unconvention, all2gethernow organized the a2n-Unconvention Factory, in November 2020 at (the no longer existing venue) Kater Holzig. The Factory produced an album in a day, in a collaborative effort of many different people, all in one big warehouse room that was turned into recording and mastering studio, screenprinting workshop, and design and web office. The entire process was open to attend by the public. At next morning, screenprinted CD cases were available with an 9 track CD, all recorded by different artists. A website was there to listen to the album online, and it was digitally distributed. Find a detailed documentation of the a2n-Unconvention Factory here.

a2n Unconvention Factory, November 2011. (CC-BY Andrea Goetzke)
a2n-Unconvetion Factory: Recording – Ena Wild. (CC-BY-NC-SA Dieter Engler)
a2n-Unconvention Factory: Screen Printing (CC-BY-NC-SA Dieter Engler)
a2n Unconvention Factory: And voilà – the “collaborative album in a day” (CC-BY-NC-SA Dieter Engler)

And finally, all2gethernow organized the a2n Camp, also at Kater Holzig, as part of the Berlin Music Days, organized by the team running the Watergate club. The a2n Camp followed the spirit of the camps in the previous two years – bringing together a wide spectrum of participants involved in music to discuss together, from artists to business to users (like film etc.) to fans. Cultural and political questions were favored over pure business conversations (as those had spaces also elsewhere). The camp was opened by “The 17” performance by the artist Bill Drummond.

Larisa Mann (DJ Ripley) talking about Metadata, Law and Music (CC-BY Andrea Goetzke)

Find all topics and speakers of the a2n Camp in the programme.

Discussion on Cultural Policies and Art & Club Culture (CC-BY Andrea Goetzke)
Case studies of music curation & recommendation – Network Awesome & Louder than War. (CC-BY Andrea Goetzke)