KLF-Mastermind BILL DRUMMOND zum ersten Mal in Deutschland und exklusiv beim #a2n_camp am 04.11.2011

Bill Drummond performt und spricht bei der ERÖFFNUNG des #a2n_camp
4.11. || 11:00 Uhr || Kater Holzig/Berlin

Selten passt das Wort „Kult“ besser zu einer Band: The KLF hat zu Beginn der 90er Jahre den Pop revolutioniert. Bill Drummond, einer ihrer Köpfe, wickelte sie ab und verbrannte das verdiente Geld, eine Million Pfund. Danach schrieb er einen Weltbestseller, als detaillierte Buch-Anleitung, wie jedermann einen Nummer-Eins-Pop Hit landen kann. Heute zelebriert Drummond unter dem Titel „The 17“ mysteriöse Performances, bei denen strengstes Foto-, Film- und Audioaufnahmeverbot herrscht. Das #a2n_camp präsentiert „The 17“ und diskutiert im Anschluss mit dem KLF-Mastermind am 4.11. um 11:00 Uhr im Katerholzig.

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Photograph taken by Tracey Moberly

The17 is a choir
The17 make music using no words, rhythm or melody
The17 make music that celebrates time, place and occasion
The17 have different singers every time they perform
The17 can be anyone, of any age from anywhere and you
The17 has never been recorded for posterity
The17 will never be heard on TV, radio or the Internet
The17 has no audience, other than those taking part
The17 have performed around the world more than 250 times since 2006
The17 welcome the future.
If you need to know more visit www.the17.org

Bill Drummond  may also be found on the streets of Berlin before or after his talk performing Score 395: Whistle While You Work. If you are to attend make sure that you are wearing leather shoes or boots – no trainers.



Bill Drummond (1953) is an artist. He has been working as an artist in many ways since leaving art school in 1973. These many ways have included painting pictures, making pop records, writing books and ‘doing things’. On leaving Liverpool Art School he vowed to never to paint another picture. This vow was fuelled by idealism. He broke the vow in 2002. Since then he has painted and continually re-paints the same 25 paintings. Between 1977 and 1992 Drummond involved himself with pop music. In his various roles as manager, publisher, producer and musician he was actively involved in the worldwide sale of over 47 million records, including UK number ones in three separate decades. The acts included Big in Japan, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Teardrop Explodes, Strawberry Switchblade, Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction, The Proclaimers, The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, The Timelords and The KLF and others. In 1992 he vowed never to involve himself with the making of music again. In 2003 he broke this vow by instigating a choir called The17. The17 are currently on a sporadic but long haul world tour.  Drummond has written (and co-written) nine books. The first in 1988 – The Manual (How to have a number one the easy way), the latest – 17 published July 2008. The ‘doing things’ has been the most prolific part of his practice as an artist. The most infamous of which will probably cast a long shadow over every thing else he has done and is likely to do. Since 1998 the vast majority of Bill Drummond’s work has been carried out in the name of the Penkiln Burn. Much of this work he has chosen to do anonymously and at a distance from the mass media. This has also involved the instigation of numerous web sites. See www.penkilnburn.com for over view. To earn a living Drummond, at various times in his life he has worked as a milkman, steelworker, carpenter, mental hospital nursing assistant, theatre set designer, city parks gardener, cook and apprentice trawler man.  Drummond has led a complicated private life, has six children and is currently living in London.