Sound Lab Accra

The theme here is fluidity –

The vision for the Sound Lab for Fluid Ways of Knowing in Accra is geared towards a free
flowing residency space, including space to perform. The artists take control of their time,
spend it how they want mostly, are free to work on things individually and collectively,
connect with the city.

Our regular day as a group would be spending time sharing breakfast, lunch and dinner, we
can always find time to share thoughts as we share food. The residency is hosted in a house
with apartments with living room spaces, that the artists can use to present what they are
working on and host the group, if they wish to. The Sound Lab for Fluid Ways of Knowing
(Accra) is the attempt to take back our agency as artists and control the time we have. Our
performances will go outside of the traditional venues straight to public spaces picked by the
Ghana based artists with the intention of taking our expression to the people who might not
have access to it on a regular day, giving that more and more our arts finds itself in spaces
that are largely inaccessible to the everyday person or working class.

We are also preparing ideas for inspirations for our explorations of fluid ways, like inviting
some local artists to share their practice with the group, suggest conversation topics, or visit
projects in the city. All those are offers for those interested and not to be seen as a fixed

The ten days in Accra, essentially for the participating artists, will be used to sort out rest by
those who are rest deprived by an industry engineered on capitalist ideas where “production”
on a constant basis is the goal. It would be used to further tinker and play with new ideas,
would be used to find and continue collaborations within the group, it would be used to
individual or collective artistic propositions.

The Sound Lab for Fluid Ways of Knowing is funded by the TURN2 Fund of the Kulturstiftung des Bundes (German Federal Cultural Foundation). Funded by the Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien (Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media).